The Boy Who Fell Down a Well

Padgett Arango and Kenji Baugham

Once upon a once there was a young corporate executive boy with very short hair. He had saved up gold pieces for all of his life to buy a house, but instead bought a magic bracelet that would tie his shoelaces.

One day, his boss told him to fetch water from the corporate well. On his way to the well, he heard a roaring above, and looked up to see an airplane flying overhead. He arrived at the well, but fell in because he was looking up.

At the bottom of the well was a frog. The boy picked up the frog and said, "Hello, frog."

The frog said, "Ribbit."

The boy smiled at the frog. "Can you help me out of the well?"


The boy didn't understand the frog, so he kissed him. The frog said, "Ribbit."

The boy still didn't understand the frog, and his lips were chafed from kissing the frog. Maybe, the boy thought, if I help the frog out of the well, he will help me out the well. The boy threw the frog into the air. It sailed twelve feet up the well and splattered against the wall of the well.

The boy dropped to the ground and began to cry. He cried for several years, until he was very damp. He was so damp, he stopped crying and simply sat on the ground of the well.

At long last, a wicked little gnome visited him at the bottom of the well.

"I will get you out of this well in exchange for your magical bracelet," said the gnome. The boy agreed and gave his bracelet to the gnome, whereupon the gnome grabbed the boy by the hair and began to fly him out of the well.

The boy had been sitting down in the well, and so had not seen his feet for quite some time. As he was being pulled out of the well, he saw that his shoes were untied. Since he had never learned to tie his shoes, he demanded his bracelet back. The gnome laughed a wicked little laugh, dropped the boy back in the well, and flew off with the bracelet.

The boy didn't know what to do. He was tired of crying, so he did not cry. Instead, he sat on the floor of the well and let his hair grow.

After many years, his hair was very long and reached up to the top of the well. The boy stopped sitting on the floor of the well and climbed up his hair and out of the well.

He went back to his boss. His boss said, "Where is my water?"

The boy cried. The boss held out a cup and collected the tears. After filling the cup, the boss said, "Thank you. You are a fine corporate boy. I will make you my chief assistant."

The boy jumped for joy and hugged his boss. He spent the rest of his assisting days happily ever after.