Loving Remembrances

Caius Rolfe

1) A girl with pale hair, which in all probability was dyed walked through a park on a bike path near the fountains. She stepped on a condom, and turned her head towards a fragrance she remembered well. Synthetic watermelon. Sara's smell. The girl's lips were moistened.

2) Two boys, seven and nine, rolled around thrusting, punching, and head butting over what was said. The horror of insult lingered after the words had drifted to the place in the stratosphere where all vehement expressions of passion die. Not forgetting themselves, or forgiving themselves their friendship, they brushed themselves off and shared a kiss that they would never share again. Not in joy. Not in sorrow.

3) Passionless she leaned back, as her husband watched. The stranger was enough like her husband but larger.

4) Two young lovers at a neighbor's party snuck into a bedroom as the party swelled. Their cool skin cautiously held their organs in with the help of bone and muscle.