It is Just to Say

Tony Beard

It is just to say
That the twin engine 8-track walkman
Spun into the sea
Shortly stopping depression
While handing out free Cool Ranch Doritos
But they had no bananas today
So I solemnly walked away
"Zap!" went the old man's hat
And the apocalypse started on that day
As the virgin thorn grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness
And then the three guys I admired most, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost
Packed up their stuff and left for the coast
The day the music fried
Tho' many people like to say that existence doesn't exist today
And fall asleep in the hay
Not to worry about a thing
Just to sleep there and day-dream
Then quoth the Reagan, "Less is more!"
Lo' against this fact the monkey rose
While taking a defensive prose
And filled his evil pants with cheese
And he screamed with the greatest ease
"Viva Columbia!!!!"