Doctor Teeth and His Genuine Teeth

Mike Liska

always tips the hat to every body
especially the young says the curmudgeon,
boys and girls fresh like lettuce and claims that
never a day in his life did he wear
false impressions

he has a jar of eyes in the office wall safe he'll show
you only on Thursday and every one
from a child molester some of whom with waving
of cane he claims still eyeless haunt
the earth for revenge
because the noble Doctor Teeth loves
and protects all children even
negroes, cripples,
and every eye he owns was never
glass not even his own left lost in the war
and replaced by a noted French surgeon with groundbreaking
surgeries perfected on the Continent
long before their appearance in the states

"I" says he "have never had a filling or
and brushes eight times daily as is
prescribed by authorities
so my teeth are not ungainly as to frighten
the beautiful and soft young
the lovelies come to visit me they come to visit
me he
says smiling staring at the ground

pleased to meet
this is Doctor Teeth the one-and-only
well respected abroad
and without a single rotten