Grilled Stuft Burrito

Monday, May 14, 2001

Growing up in the Midwest gives you a pretty skewed idea of Mexican food. Take, for instance, the burritos that were routinely made in my household.

Step 1 (Preparation) - Heat up refried beans in the microwave. Shred cheese. Dice onions.

Step 2 (Cooking) - Put butter in hot pan. Put tortilla in pan. Put everything else in tortilla. Get it nice and crispy.

Sort of like an omlet, but usually a little more burnt.

I considered this to be a proper burrito well into my time living in Southern California, until I shared this technique with people, all of whom were disgusted. "Burritos," they said, "do not get grilled. You steam the tortilla, stuff, and eat."

And, like a good little lamb, I complied, and, truth be told, I generally prefer my burritos this way now, and just assumed that my mother had a bizarre concept of burrito-making.

But now...

Now I have justification! No less an authority on Mexican food than TACO BELL has confirmed this method of Burrito-Making. "It's [their] best burrito yet!" the ads scream. Ha! See! Grilling it "seals in the flavor!" Why did you not listen to me? You could have been ahead of the game if only you had listened to me! Now you have to stand in line like a jerk to get a Grilled Burrito! You could have befriended me years ago and eaten your fill of them! But no. You laughed at me. Don't think I haven't forgotten.


Revenge is sweet. Especially with a side of Cinnamon Twists.

Rating: B (Gains points for vindication. Loses points for poor spelling.)

Reviewed by Padgett Arango
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