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Chucklehound.com has served as a repository for a wide variety of projects over the years

  • 1997

    Chucklehound Films

    Chucklehound Films is founded by Padgett Arango and Johannes "Jos" Claerbout to produce the 16mm feature film Earth on Fire.

  • 1998-1999

    The Multimedia Empire

    We rebrand as Chucklehound Entertainment. Two more short films are created and put online. We release an album. There are half-baked plans to get into publishing.

  • August 1999


    Jos passes away suddenly at 25. To learn more about Jos, visit the amazing memorial website.

  • 2000-Present

    Descent Into Madness

    Without Jos, Padgett turns the site into a repository for a bizarre smattering of projects - a literary zine, random reviews, online games, random musical projects, etc.

  • Onward

Current Projects

This is what we're mostly up to these days


Media Logging Website

A/A Writing


Older Projects

None of these have been updated recently, but they're still around

Earth on Fire

Feature Film

The Jobhunt

Short Film


Short Film

Rear Cubicle

Short Film

Programming on a Rainy Day

Short Film

Formerly Known as Oedipusaurus Rex

Indie Pop

Pop Ramen

Power Pop

Kill Yr. Hi-Fi

Abrasive Noise

F.S. Merriwether

Eclectic Pop


Insane Grind-Poot